Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb. 8th class

Someone asked me tonight how I can automatically sing an octave down or up from a note I hear.  The short answer is that I can just hear it, but I realize that the reason I can hear it is because of many years of singing and playing music.  The sounds have to be in our ears before they can come out our mouths.  It will take many times of hearing a song before you know it.  When you can sing along in your mind then you are ready to sing.  When you are practicing, make sure you are singing in your "singing" voice. We have a tendency to want to sing in the range of our speaking voice.  Some of our singing voice will be in our speaking range, but you will be limited if you stay there.  If you haven't sung very much it can feel awkward to sing in your head voice. Give it a try.  Sing a familiar song higher than you think you can.  Think about sending the sound out through your face and forehead rather than your mouth...and relax.  Lying on your back can help you relax while you sing.  Have fun singing this week. 

singing warm up with vowels