Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb. 15th class

What a difference one week can make!  The practice at home is paying off and the class is singing on pitch most of the time and folks are blending their voices well.  To sing successfully with others you need to listen to yourself and to the other singers.  This is not always an easy thing to do and everyone is getting better each week.  Usually when the pitch goes flat it is in the lower range of our voices.  I think it is because the lower range is more comfortable and so we get lazy.  Just so you know, tonight you were singing an E above the C above middle C on the piano (for the women, an octave down for the men).  And you thought you couldn't sing high!  Remember to think sighs and sirens and to take a deep breath especially on those high notes.  And, of course, relax.  Can't say that too much.  Try singing while leaning over and letting your arms hang loose in front of you.  Now try to keep that same relaxed feeling in your arms when you stand up.  Think of lengthening you spine as you relax your shoulders and arms.  I will add the new songs to this post later in the week.  Happy singing!