Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb. 22 class

I changed the recording of Stewball from last week's post to just be a straight sing-a-long.  When I went back and listened to it I realized that it was difficult to sing along with the ostinato because I just held out the notes rather than singing them to a beat.  This week you can practice any of the songs from previous lessons and the singing exercises (see previous posts).  Here is a singing exercise that I meant to do at class this week.  You may want to print the tone ladder sheet as an added visual aid in singing the patterns.  The hand signs are totally optional.  We haven't been using them. 

I also asked everyone this week to practice singing familiar songs.  Pick a song or part of a song to sing for the class next week.  This coming week will be our last class in this session.  The next session will be March 15-April 26 and will focus on singing and also practical music theory and sight singing skills (reading from music).  Happy singing!