Wednesday, June 16, 2010

C major scale

We will work more with chord progressions next week and how that relates to singing harmony.  It is important to have the major scale firmly implanted in your brain.  Here is a singing exercise to practice the C major scale. 

We talked a bit about head voice and chest voice.  Chest voice singing often comes easier because it is more in the range of our speaking voice.  Singing in your head voice is not more difficult; it is just not as familiar if you have not done much singing.  As you go up the C scale you may be able to feel the switch from your chest voice to your head voice.  Practice will help you negotiate this switch smoothly.   Imagine the sound coming out of your forehead.  Also, sighing, siren sounds and a munchkin voice will help you feel your head voice.   Two singing exercises which will help you move gently through this switch are the one using do re mi and also the descending so fa mi re do.  

Keep practicing Circle Round for Freedom and Poor Wayfaring Stranger.   We'll sing some rounds next week if you'd like to review them:  Ah, Poor Bird, The Peace Round, Sing, Sing Together, I Love the Flowers.

Monday, June 7, 2010

welcome back

Here is the new song we learned tonight.  I recorded all three parts.  See you next week!

Circle Round for Freedom
melody (middle line)
Soprano (top line)
Baritone (bottom line)