Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31st

Here are a few singing exercises.  You can follow the notation for the C scale exercise on the sheet I gave you last night or you can follow the Tone Ladder.   The advantage of the Tone Ladder is that you can see the whole and half steps.  If you have the sounds in your ears without that guide, then you will do well with the standard notation (the sheet from last night).  Don't forget to do the voice sliding exercise everyday and also some deep breathing.

Ee, eh, ah, oh, oo exercise
C major scale exercise

We sang mostly in the key of C major and D major last night.  These two songs are in E flat which is just a little higher (half step) than D.  See how you do with these.

"Make New Friends"
"Sing, Sing, Together"

So far we have been singing songs in major keys.  Listen to these songs that are in minor keys.

"Out of Eternity"
"Shalom Chaverim"
"Ah, Poor Bird"
"Peace Round"