Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 7th

We talked a bit about the different registers of our voices.  We are most familiar with our chest register as this is where our speaking voice is.  Our higher register, or our head voice, is not as familiar and it feels kind of funny at first to sing up there.  This will get more comfortable as you use this part of your voice. Your brain is building new lines of communication with your vocal folds as you expand your singing range.   We also talked about the place in your voice where the chest and head register come together.  You will learn how to maneuver around that spot so that you don't have a gap or a big change in tone.  Once again, it is just a matter of practice.  If there is a place in a song where you feel your voice jump or give out, just take it slowly and think about how you want it to sound before you sing it.  Keep practicing the songs and exercises from the previous lessons.  This coming week we will sing the minor key songs listed in the previous post as well as Wimoweh.  See if you can pick out the different parts as you listen to Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing Wimoweh.  Try to sing or hum along with one of the parts.